After seven consecutive sold out events, adding up the hours they spend and sometimes barely breaking even, the organizers were asked “why do you continue to do this event every year”? Here is what they said:

“We are passionate about the business community in Tucson. We want to support local business owners and give them an opportunity to meet and do business with people they may never see at any other event. We are creating a collaborative environment where competing organizations come together once a year to introduce their members to each other so they can build long term mutually beneficial relationships. As they build relationships and exchange business, that money circulates several times through the local economy. As it circulates it creates tax revenues, additional jobs and a healthier economy. That helps everyone. Finally, the BIG Networking Event keeps us connected to the business community in Tucson. The success of each of our organizations is dependent on the success of small business owners”.


Joe Erceg – ASBA 327- 0222


Bill Nordbrock – Referral Tree 505-3062


Wayne Weld – Networking Entrepreneurs of Tucson 240- 4552